How to Celebrate Valentine’s Day in Amsterdam: Romantic Things To Do for Couples

Amsterdam is an appealing destination for couples in love due to its age-old canals, beautiful architecture, coffee shops, and proximity to the Zaanse Schans.

No wonder young and old couples, vacationers, and locals flock to Amsterdam around Valentine’s Day to celebrate the most romantic day of the year – 14 February 2024.

Check out our suggestion for the most romantic Valentine’s Day itinerary in the city known as the “Venice of the North.”

To leave a lasting impression on your significant other, we have compiled a list of things to do in Amsterdam on Valentine’s Day.

1. Get Married for 1 Day: 

Experience a wedding ceremony as a bride without any ties to marriage! A quirky way to celebrate Valentine’s Day in Amsterdam!

At Wed and Walk, couples can get married for one day, complete with a dress, tiara, and bouquet. 

It is a unique experience where couples can participate in a symbolic wedding ceremony with wedding attire, rings, and a ceremony, although it is not legally binding. 

Enjoy the experience and walk away with the perfect wedding picture to remember the day!

2. Glide Through Amsterdam’s Canals with Your Loved One

Does the water fascinate you? Do you enjoy sailing into the sunset? 

If you answer yes, a canal cruise in Amsterdam is the most romantic thing to do on Valentine’s Day. 

Enjoy each other’s company on a cozy boat ride, gently drifting through the charming canals of Amsterdam. 

The city’s picturesque houses, adorned with colorful flowers, glide past as you share a romantic kiss under a bridge adorned with twinkling lights. 

While walking or cycling through Amsterdam is delightful, there’s something truly special about seeing the city from the water. 

You’ll gain a fresh perspective on the city’s iconic landmarks, like the Anne Frank House and the Rijksmuseum, as the charming canals frame them. 

Plus, you’ll see hidden gems and secret corners only accessible by boat.

Day or Night, the Choice is Yours

Canal cruises are popular throughout the day, but there’s a certain magic to gliding through the canals after nightfall. 

The atmosphere becomes even more romantic as the city lights twinkle and reflect in the water. 

Canal CruiseCost
Evening Canal Cruise with Bar Service€25
Day Time City Highlights Canal Cruise€15
Luxury Canal City Cruise€22
Cruise with Food and Drinks€34
Giethoorn Day Trip with Boat Ride€95

3. Visit the Diamond Museum: 

Visiting the Diamond Museum in Amsterdam on Valentine’s Day can be a meaningful experience for couples who appreciate diamonds and jewelry. 

Diamonds have long been associated with love, romance, and commitment, making this museum an ideal destination for couples celebrating Valentine’s Day.

Amsterdam has a rich history in diamond processing and trade, and the Diamond Museum offers interactive exhibits, allowing couples to learn about their formation.

You can also see a diamond’s journey through history and the processes involved in cutting and polishing diamonds.

The museum is next to the historic Royal Coster Diamonds, the oldest diamond polishing factory in the world, which offers tours and workshops.

Its location in the heart of Amsterdam’s historic city center adds to the romantic atmosphere, making it an ideal destination for couples celebrating Valentine’s Day.

4. Explore Vondelpark: 

Couples can explore Vondelpark, one of the most beautiful parks in Amsterdam, and enjoy a picnic or a stroll.

Vondelpark in Amsterdam can be a perfect destination to spend Valentine’s Day with your partner. 

This park is centrally located between Leidseplein and Museum Square, making it easily accessible for visitors. 

It also offers many free activities, such as visiting the Orgelpark, an international concert stage in Amsterdam for organists, composers, and other artists. 

Couples can also rent a bike and cycle through the park, enjoying the fresh park air and beautiful scenery. 

5. A Romantic Valentine’s Dinner: 

Couples can enjoy a romantic dinner at any of Amsterdam’s most romantic restaurants, such as REM Eiland, where they can dine 22 meters above the water in a former pirate radio station.

Here are some of the most romantic restaurants in Amsterdam to consider for Valentine’s Day:

1. De Kas: This restaurant offers a unique dining experience with fresh ingredients and a beautiful setting in a series of shining glass greenhouses.

2. Michelin Star Restaurant Vinkeles: Known for its elegant and intimate atmosphere, this restaurant offers a sophisticated dining experience, perfect for a romantic evening.

3. Brasserie van Baerle: This brasserie provides a cozy and romantic setting, ideal for couples seeking a more intimate dining experience.

4. Dante Kitchen & Bar: With its romantic ambiance, this restaurant is an excellent choice for couples looking for a special Valentine’s Day dinner.

5. SHAM West: Known for its romantic setting, this restaurant offers a unique and intimate dining experience, perfect for Valentine’s Day.

6. Hard Rock Cafe: Skip the line and enjoy high-quality American cuisine with your boyfriend or girlfriend at the Hard Rock Cafe in Amsterdam.

This is an excellent dinner option for couples on Valentine’s Day.

These restaurants offer a variety of romantic settings and culinary experiences, making them ideal for couples looking to celebrate Valentine’s Day in Amsterdam.

6. Do Not Miss De Waag:

Are you looking for a beautiful, historical, yet casual eating experience? Dining at De Waag is the ideal venue to do so with your loved one. 

The timeless charm of De Waag makes it a great choice for expats spending Valentine’s Day in Amsterdam.

This restaurant is set in an old city gate in Amsterdam’s historical city center and was constructed between 1425 and 1488. 

Its 300 real candles create a romantic ambiance that will make your Valentine’s Day in Amsterdam memorable.

7. Visit the Upside Down Museum: 

The Upside Down Museum is an Instagram museum, a playground for the senses, and a kaleidoscope of sights and sounds that’ll make you question everything you know as real.

It is a happy place that offers various experiences—some surreal! 

Whether with your loved one or with a group of friends celebrating the day of love together, it is a fun thing to do on 14 February 2024!

It is unlike anything else: half a museum, half nightlife, and half a psychedelic trip to another world.

Grab your cameras to capture the distorted reality and take pictures with your sweetheart; you can hire a photographer inside to take the best shots.

Do not miss out on this romantic indulgence that will undoubtedly bring the two of you closer together.

8. Visit Cinema Tuschinski to See a Movie

Some couples love watching the movies! If you enjoy them too, Amsterdam’s quirky independent cinemas are a must-try.  

If you are more into old-style cinema, go to Filmhuis Cavia.   

You can visit Filmhallen’s ‘Parisien Room’ or the beautiful Tuschinski cinema, which features double ‘love seats.’

Cinema Tuschinski was made in 1921, is designated as Europe’s most vintage cinema, and will take your moviegoing experience to a new level.

Make your movie experience special by upgrading to a love seat and giving your Valentine a fantastic evening to remember.  

You can also book a private lodge and be pampered with service delivered to your private seat. 

9. Explore the Beautiful Zaanse Schans 

Zaanse Schans is a unique heritage park located just 15 minutes from Amsterdam, and it offers a glimpse into the 18th and 19th centuries of Dutch history. 

The park is full of windmills, handicraft shops, and museums, making it a perfect destination for couples looking for a romantic day out. 

Visitors can stroll past the bakery museum and enjoy the smell of fresh cookies or take a trip to the warehouse where clogs are made. 

The park also features a cheese factory, a pewter foundry, and various windmills, providing an authentic Dutch experience. 

Couples can go cycling or sailing, browse the shops, or treat themselves at the pancake restaurant. 

The park is easily accessible by bus, train, car, or bicycle, making it a convenient destination for visitors. 

Zaanse Schans, Edam and Marken Full-Day Trip€35
Zaanse Schans Windmills Half-Day Trip€35
Zaanse Schans Clog Making, Cheese Farm and Windmill€40
Volendam, Edam and Zaanse Schans€55

10. Enjoy Beer at the Heineken Experience

If beer is your poison, the Heineken experience can be a perfect way to spend Valentine’s Day in Amsterdam.

The Heineken Experience is an interactive museum housed in Heineken’s historic brewery, offering a behind-the-scenes journey through the beer world. 

It is located in the vibrant neighborhood of De Pijp, making it convenient for couples to explore nearby attractions, such as the Anne Frank House or the Rijsttafel.

This museum features multimedia exhibits, historical brewing artifacts, and a tasting bar, making exploring the brewing process fun.

It also offers various tours and activities, such as the “Brew Your Ride” 4D adventure, which allows visitors to experience what it’s like to be a bottle of Heineken.

The Heineken Experience also occasionally hosts special events or promotions on Valentine’s Day, such as their #DateInABox project.

It is a project where couples could share their mushiest feelings on social media to access a date locked inside a glittery red box. 

It may be less crowded on Valentine’s Day, allowing for a more relaxed and intimate experience.

11. Explore Art in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is also a haven for art lovers.

If you are looking for places to admire art, there are the top four museums in Amsterdam that you should not miss.

Exploring these art museums is a great way to celebrate Valentine’s Day in Amsterdam in 2024.


In this museum, you can see 800 years of Dutch art and history in one place. 

8,000 paintings, portraits, sculptures, weapons, clothes, dolls, etc. are displayed in its 80 galleries.

Van Gogh Museum

The Van Gogh Museum honors the works of art by Vincent Van Gogh and his peers from the 19th century. 

More than 200 paintings, 500 drawings, and 750 letters by Vincent van Gogh are part of the museum’s permanent collection.

Stedelijk Museum

The Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam is the biggest in the Netherlands, devoted to modern and contemporary art. 

The museum’s collection includes world-class artists’ masterpieces from the last 150 years of art.  

Rembrandt House Museum

Since Rembrandt is regarded as one of the greatest visual artists in art history, tourists frequently visit the Rembrandt House Museum. 

The 1639–1658 residence of the Dutch Golden Age painter was transformed into a museum in 1911.

12. Johan Cruyff Arena for Soccer Lovers

If you and your partner love soccer, Johan Cruyff Arena is a great place to spend your time on Valentine’s Day 2024.

The Johan Cruyff Arena in Amsterdam is the Netherlands’ largest stadium and home to the AFC Ajax football team. 

It is also an event location that offers many possibilities, from football matches to concerts, from dinner to kick-off. 

The stadium has hosted legendary sporting matches and music concerts, making it a popular visitor attraction. 

The stadium is easily accessible by public transport and car, and visitors can reserve a parking space in advance to guarantee a place.

13. Don’t Forget to Gift Chocolate as a Present

Remember to pick up special chocolates for your Valentine. 

Chocolate is a typical Valentine’s Day gift that turns special with the packaging for Valentine’s Day in stores. 

There are several chocolate shops in Amsterdam where you can select the right chocolate for your loved one. Among our favorites are:

Need more time to visit a physical store? You can personalize your chocolate present on Tony’s Chocolonely’s website

You can even take classes with your partner and make chocolates to give them at the end of the class.

14. Admire Flowers at Keukenhof Gardens

A famous quote says, ‘Happiness held is the seed, and happiness shared is the flower!’ Share happiness in Amsterdam’s Keukenhof Gardens.

For all those who love nature, walking hand-in-hand among the tall tulips in Keukenhof Garden is one of the most romantic experiences.

Alas! It cannot be a Valentine’s Day outing as the Gardens are only open to visitors for about 60 days a year, from mid-May to mid-March. 

Keukenhof Gardens are the best tulip fields in the Netherlands and, arguably, in the world. Visitors can see more than 7 million varieties of flowers there, including 800 kinds of tulips.  

You can buy tickets to Keukenhof Garden or book a transfer ticket with air-conditioned transport from Amsterdam. 


Do they celebrate Valentine’s Day in Amsterdam?

Yes, Amsterdam certainly celebrates Valentine’s Day! The city of Canals takes on a special charm during this romantic holiday, offering couples a variety of ways to celebrate their love.

Do the Dutch celebrate Valentine’s Day?

While Valentine’s Day exists in the Netherlands, it’s not as widely celebrated as in countries like the US or France. 

Around one in five Dutch couples actively celebrate it, while others acknowledge it in a low-key manner.

Is there any romance in Amsterdam?

Amsterdam oozes romance, from its charming canals to its cobbled streets and cozy cafes. 

It’s a city that practically invites couples to fall deeper in love, with its endless possibilities for connection and shared experiences.

Where to kiss in Amsterdam?

Steal a kiss under the twinkling city lights from the iconic Magere Brug (Skinny Bridge). Legend has it that couples kissing here will stay together forever!

Can couples go to Red Light District?

The Red Light District is a legal area where prostitution is regulated and sex workers operate from behind windows in brothels. 

It’s not illegal for couples to visit, but it’s important to be aware of the nature of the area and respect the boundaries of the sex workers.

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