Upside Down Room Experience

The Upside Down Museum is as unique as its name suggests. 

This unique approach to having fun and exploring your creative side makes this Europe’s largest interactive social media museum.

The museum offers ample opportunities to capture Instagram-worthy wild moments that leave your followers in awe and splits. 

The unbound imagination, overwhelming creativity, and novelty of Dutch culture form the wide net of your experience at the Upside Down Museum.

We are here to help you with all the necessary information to make your visit a roaring success.

You will get a fun-filled and creative ride in this 1500-square-meter accommodation with 25 creatively unique rooms.

Experiences at Upside Down Museum

The Upside Down Room Museum is a beautiful amalgamation of creativity, freedom, and brilliance that gives you the superpower to shed the conventional method of having fun.

It helps you summon your inner content creator to create something exclusive for your social media. 

In the museum, you see life-size and moving RGB projections, visit clubs, and get a chance to become a food blogger with their Instagrammable food.

We have mentioned some experiences to give you a glimpse of the Upside Down Museum and increase your excitement.

Royal Room at Upside Down Museum

Rooms in the museum embody the concept of ‘Upside Down,’ where you discover a whole new world that will boggle your mind.

A photo in this room is enough to blow someone’s mind, as the entire interior is upside down.

The Royal Room exudes a royal vibe, where you feel like the king and queen and can hang out with some Dutch heroes. 

The Pool at Upside Down Museum

The pool at the Upside Down Museum is a fun place to visit. Fancy bathing in a pool full of hundreds of LED-lit balls.

The sight is enough to make you want to jump in!

The balls are illuminated by 3 kilometers of LED lighting, which can be changed to any color.

Visitors can jump, swim, play in the pool, and use the microphone to change the color of the balls.

Kids love this room a lot and we can’t deny why. So, purchase your tickets to Upside Down Museum now and dive into this vibrant, color-changing pool.

Dutch Design Room at Upside Down Museum

Experience the Dutch Design Room, where the authentic Dutch setting will leave you with a smile and a heart of pure joy.

The exhibits in the room showcase iconic Dutch designs, ranging from classic pieces to contemporary works.

Visitors can admire the aesthetics and functionality of Dutch design through displays of furniture, lighting fixtures, textiles, and everyday objects.

Overall, the Dutch Design Room at the Upside Down Museum provides a captivating platform to appreciate Dutch designers’ ingenuity and artistic vision.

Licor43 at Upside Down Museum

The museum has a Candyland, and in that Candyland, it has a chocolate bar. 

In this chocolate bar, climbing the wall or standing on the table will not be considered rude, so it is the perfect time to do what you cannot do in any other bar. 

Once you have had all the fun, treat yourself to Licor 43 chocolate in the cafe!

Pink private jet at Upside Down Museum

Call your inner Richie Rich and live in the moment. Fulfill your wish to fly in a private jet—a perfect opportunity to take photos radiating style and class.

Many dream of taking photos in a private jet, and the museum helps you live the moment in its pink private jet. 

Mondriaan room at Upside Down Museum

A Piet Mondriaan-inspired room takes you to the art of the modern world, where you can immerse yourself in the artist’s perception of art. 

Piet Mondriaan’s unique take on art can be felt thoroughly in this epic room, enough to make your inner artist go unconventional.

Opening time 

DaysOpening Hours
Monday, Thursday and Sunday9.30 am to 7 pm
Friday and Saturday9.30 am to 8 pm

Upside Down Museum Tickets 

You can purchase the tickets at the museum or book them online. However, online tickets are recommended, as you get the tickets at discounted prices.

Also, you do not need to wait long to get the tickets. You can book them online in advance.

VisitorTicket Prices
Regular ticket (Visitor over the age of 12)€ 25
Kidss with CJP card€ 18
Visitors with CJP card€ 21
Visitor with Amsterdam City Card€ 19

Packages are also for kid’s parties, bachelor parties, and school visits.

Getting to Upside Down Museum

Address: Europaboulevard 5, 1079 PC Amsterdam, Netherlands

You can arrive at the museum by car, bus, subway, train, or tram.

Park in the parking garage under the museum and enjoy a 15% discount on parking by informing the staff. 

Or you can stop at Amsterdam’s D. Scarlatti Laan, an 8-minute drive from the attraction.

You can also walk 7 minutes from Amsterdam’s Station RAI bus stop, where bus 321 stops.

Read our article on How to reach Upside Down Museum to learn more about this.


Is the Upside Down Museum worth visiting?

The unique concept of the museum is something to experience, and the museum also helps you get creative without any restrictions.

The entire museum offers you a fun-filled experience and gives you a lot of quirky settings to click incredible photos for your social media.

How long does it take to explore the museum?

The museum has no time restriction; you can explore it at your own pace.

Are there any facilities to store visitors’ luggage?

The Upside Down Museum offers free locker facilities to store visitors’ luggage. 

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