Best Travel Tips to Visit Amsterdam Upside Down Museum

Trick your brain and tickle your senses by exploring the Upside Down Museum, which pushes the boundaries of your imagination.

Unlike any other Dutch attraction, this museum takes you on a new trip to a colorful mix of museums, amusement parks, and nightclubs.

Also, the attraction sites have many more themes with various vibrant props to have fun with and use as backdrops for your photos.

You can experiment with mirrors, ball pits, various trucks for the eye, different camera angles, and an upside-down room.

So, below are some Upside Down Museum Amsterdam visiting tips to prepare you for a wild and fun adventure:

1. Book Your Tickets in Advance

Book your tickets in advance
Image: Kstudio (Canva) , GetYourGuide.com

Booking your tickets beforehand will help you effortlessly enjoy your time at the Upside Down Museum.

You can enjoy the flexibility of choosing your own scheduled time and date when booking the Upside Down Museum tickets in advance.

This will give you the advantage of having access to all the exciting rooms with different fun versions at your own time and day.

Also, remember that even though the museum is open throughout the week, the hours vary on weekends.

You can also read our article on Upside Down Opening Hours to learn more about the timing of this amazing museum in detail.

2. Get There Before Time

The Upside-Down Museum recommends coming 15 minutes before your scheduled time.

As the tickets are booked online, you will need to scan your tickets from your smartphones at the entrance.

This may take up most of your time, as you must also go through security checks.

Hence, arriving on time may help you start your tour on time.

This may prevent you from missing out on any rooms or activities and help you explore the museum efficiently.

3. Visit on Weekdays

The weekends may be more crowded compared to the weekdays.

The timings at the beginning of the weekend, which are for Fridays and Saturdays, change from 9.30 am to 8 pm.

With 25+ rooms, shooting videos or clicking pictures with too many people may be challenging.

Visiting on weekdays may get you around when the museum has fewer visitors, giving you time and space to shoot freely.

You can also learn about the best time to visit the Upside Down Museum.

4. Carry all your Necessary Equipment

Upside Down has no policy against carrying a camera, so you can bring your camera or phone to click the perfect Instagram photo.

Visitors can carry their shooting equipment inside the museum, such as tripods, professional cameras, and other requirements.

This is great for social media influencers, as they can get their content shot and stored in one place without worrying about delays.

The professional cameras inside the Upside Down Museum can also get your pictures clicked.

Hence, this is one of the best things to do at Upside Down Museum Amsterdam.

5. Get your Poses Ready

Wandering around the museum and covering all the rooms will take roughly an hour or two.

With so many pictures to take in such a short time, it can be an obstacle.

Hence, thinking about all the poses you want to recreate in advance will give you the benefit of time.

Also, knowing all the poses you want will save you time to try out new things in all 25 themed rooms.

6. Don’t Hesitate to Use Props

The Upside Down Museum is interactive, so you can explore the rooms and use props for your pictures.

Another travel tip for the Amsterdam Upside Down Museum is that you can touch anything here.

There is absolutely no restriction!

One of the most important Upside Down Museum Amsterdam visiting tips is that you should touch and play with the props to enhance your experience.

This museum tells you about contemporary Dutch culture in a fun and engaging way.

7. Make Sure to Track your Time

With so many rooms, spending more time in one and less time in the other is expected.

To prevent this, balance your time in every room to get the best shots.

Every room has a different theme and interior; you can get pictures with different backdrops and crazy poses.

Taking time in every room will help you avoid missing out on fun activities and create pure magic and Instagram-worthy memories.

Get Creative in the Rooms

The idea behind the Upside Down Museum is to encourage Dutch culture and flaunt new-age trends in a fun way. 

All the rooms are full of creativity, from intriguing dance music to their unique choice of chocolates and sweets.

Visitors will get to experience Amsterdam like never before.

Suitable for all age groups, the museum inspires visitors to get creative and boosts their imaginations to create unforgettable, Instagram-worthy memories.

8. Upside Down Museum Amsterdam car parking tips

Are you worried about not finding a parking spot when you come to the museum? 

Don’t worry, because you can reserve a spot online

That way, when you get here, you won’t have to search for a parking spot; you’ll already have one waiting for you. 

All you have to do is go online and reserve a spot before you come. Easy!


What is the best way to explore the Upside-Down Museum?

The first step to getting the best experience at the Upside-Down Museum is arriving early and beginning the tour at your scheduled time.

The next step will be to carry all the equipment you need to take pictures or use the professional camera inside.

Another step will be to have fun and explore every room, as each has its own specialty, which may surprise you in a new way.

Can I bring my camera equipment inside the Upside Down Museum?

Yes, you can bring camera equipment inside the museum to create content for your social media.

But it is essential to know that the museum also has a professional camera that can be used by anyone visiting the museum.

The pictures clicked by the digital camera are also free.

Do I get to touch the props kept in the Upside Down themed rooms?

Yes, as it is an interactive museum, you can touch its props.

You can use these props in your pictures and videos to make them more creative and exciting.

For example, jump in the giant ball pit and click a picture from above, and you will get a hilarious image of you floating in the pit.

What is the best day to visit the Upside-Down Museum?

Weekdays prove to be the best time to visit the Upside-Down Museum.

Especially in the morning, as the museum opens, there will be less crowd, giving a clean entry and a chance for peaceful exploration.

So, visit the museum on a weekday morning for the best experience.

Is there a time limit for exploring the Upside Down Museum?

There’s no specific time limit for exploring the Upside Down Museum.

But overall, it takes about an hour or two to go through the entire museum.

However, this highly depends on the visitor, as if he decides to click pictures or make reels, he will surely need more time at the museum.

Is the Upside-Down Museum wheelchair friendly?

Yes, the Upside Down Museum is wheelchair-friendly.

All the museum rooms are wheelchair accessible, and the staff is always happy to help you around the rooms as well.

This museum also has free lockers for all your bags; if you have oversized luggage, they can store it in the back.

Featured Image: Upsidedown.com

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