Unlock Amsterdam’s Charms: Top 10 Things to Do Near the Upside Down Museum

Visiting Amsterdam? Check out this list of things to do and choose the ones that catch your fancy!

Visit the Upside Down Museum. It is popularly known as the ‘Instagram Museum’ in Amsterdam, which amazes visitors with its upside-down world.

You can explore this attraction in 2 to 3 hours and look for other places to visit the rest of the day.

This is where a perfectly written itinerary will help you plan your whole day, as there are many other amazing things to do and places to visit near this gem.

We have researched and curated a list of the top ten things to do near the Upside Down Museum. Let’s explore!

1. Rai Amsterdam

📏Distance: 0.12 miles (8 minutes from The Upside Down Amsterdam)
🚶‍♂️How to get there: Short Walk
🏫 Address: Europaplein 24, 1078 GZ Amsterdam, Netherlands

RAI Amsterdam, also known as the RAI Amsterdam Convention Centre, is a versatile and multifunctional complex in Amsterdam’s Zuidas business district. 

It is a prominent venue for various events, including conferences, exhibitions, concerts, and trade shows. 

The complex is designed to be as flexible as possible, accommodating various types of events, from large-scale conferences to smaller meetings and exhibitions. 

It is conveniently situated just 6 minutes from the city center and 8 minutes from Schiphol Airport, making it easily accessible for local and international visitors. 

The Nhow Amsterdam RAI hotel in the RAI complex offers a unique on-site accommodation experience with 650 rooms, 25 floors, and high-end gastronomy. 

The center has continued to grow over the years, with the construction of new halls, meeting rooms, and a 47-meter-tall expansion named Elicium, serving as Europe’s largest conference center. 

The RAI Amsterdam Convention Center is a significant and iconic venue that continues to host a wide array of events, bringing people together and facilitating meaningful encounters.

2. Enjoy Amsterdam Boat Trips

📏 Distance: 1.3 miles 
🚶‍♂️ How to get there: Bus
☀️ Best time to visit: late afternoon or warm summer evening.
🏫 Address: Boat Trips by Locals, Keizersgracht 198, 1016 DW Amsterdam

After all the busy day trips in Amsterdam, you can ride on a boat and float peacefully on the famous canals.

Visitors will find the boats at many locations, including ‘Boat Trips by Locals’ at Keizersgracht, near the Anne Frank House, or Amsterdam Central Station.

You can choose from various cruise options available, including live guides, drinks, onboard bars, and food. The tours last from 60 to 90 minutes.

Away from the busy streets, you can pass through historic houses, beautiful bridges, and age-old landmarks on the boat trip.

While you’re on the boat, relax with a glass of wine and enjoy the best views!

The guides will also tell you about the history of Amsterdam, how it started, and why it’s important for trade, art, and culture.

Book your Amsterdam Canal Cruise and see the best of the city from the water.

3. Visit the Van Gogh Museum

📏 Distance: 1.8 miles (12 minutes from The Upside Down Amsterdam) 
🚶‍♂️ How to get there: Bus lines 347 and 357 (30–40 minutes)
☀️ Best time to visit: November to February (especially on weekdays)
⏰  Opening Hours: 9 am to 6 pm
🏫 Address: Van Gogh Museum, Museumplein 6, 1071 DJ Amsterdam, Netherlands

If you are an art enthusiast, you can visit the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam.

With 2 million annual visitors, this museum tops the list of the most-visited museums in the Netherlands, holding first place.

The Van Gogh Museum is located 1.8 miles from the Upside Down Museum and takes 12 minutes to reach.

The museum houses the largest collection of artwork by Vincent van Gogh (1853-1890).

Vincent van Gogh was a Dutch post-impressionist painter who is among the most famous and prominently influential figures in the history of Western art.

The artworks include a permanent collection of over 200 paintings, 500 drawings, and more than 750 letters by Vincent Van Gogh.

The museum also presents exhibitions on various topics from 19th-century art history.

Some highlights of the Van Gogh Museum include:

1. Sunflowers, Almond Blossom, The Bedroom, and Self-Portraits are some of Vincent van Gogh’s most famous works, which can be seen at the Van Gogh Museum.

3. The museum is also home to exceptional research facilities, enriching our knowledge of Van Gogh’s life and how he worked and offering visitors a glimpse into the ongoing conservation process.

Visitors can explore the Van Gogh Museum on a guided tour with an entrance ticket, providing an informative and engaging experience.

Book your tickets to the Van Gogh Museum and enjoy the best art pieces and exhibitions.

4. Enjoy a Visit to the Rijksmuseum Museum

📏 Distance: 1.9 miles (9 minutes from The Upside Down Amsterdam)
🚶‍♂️ How to get there: Bus lines 347 and 357 (30–40 minutes)
⏰  Opening Hours: 9 am to 5 pm
🏫 Address: Rijksmuseum, Museumstraat 1, 1071 XX Amsterdam, Netherlands

The Rijksmuseum is located 1.9 miles from the Upside Down Museum and near the Van Gogh Museum (0.19 miles).

It is a national museum dedicated to Dutch art and history. 

The museum has 80 galleries showcasing 8,000 objects that tell the story of 800 years of Dutch art and history, from the Middle Ages to Mondrian.

It has a stunning exterior and interior design.

There are world-famous masterpieces from the Dutch Golden Age, including The Milkmaid by Vermeer and Rembrandt’s Night Watch.

So, if you want to explore this museum with its beautiful masterpieces, consider booking the tickets in advance.

By booking tickets online, you can easily skip the lines at the ticket counter and enjoy a hassle-free visit.

Book your tickets now to see the famous masterpieces without waiting in long lines and get great deals.

5. Enjoy the Serenity of Nature at Amsterdam Parks

📏 Distance: 2.23 miles
🚶‍♂️ How to get there: tram lines 1, 2, or 5 or bus lines 347 or 357.
 🏫 Address: Vondelpark, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Vondelpark in Amsterdam is a public urban park spanning 47 hectares.

With 10 million annual visitors, the park features a beautiful pond, grassy areas used as sports fields and picnic spots, and bike paths.

In the 1930s, the park acquired the following additions: a rose garden and the modernist Blauwe Theehuis (Blue Tearoom).

The park transforms into a lively place from June to September for the Open Air Theatre festival.

You can dance, enjoy funny shows, and kids can play. And guess what? You can join the fun for free!

Alternatively, you can visit Amstelpark in Amsterdam-Zuid, just 0.80 miles from the Upside Museum.

The park includes a beautiful pond, a cafe, a restaurant, an orangery, two galleries, a petting zoo, and a mini-golf course.

It boasts a variety of plant species from around the world and houses 139 species of rhododendrons.

The park also features a Japanese garden that showcases the 400-year relationship between the Netherlands and Japan.

It is a great venue for family outings or a perfect romantic evening walk.

6. Try Street Food in Amsterdam

While traveling, everyone always looks for mouthwatering food items.

Amsterdam has a wide range of street food that will tantalize your taste buds.

From a good mix of Dutch traditional classics to Indonesian delights and Turkish treats, it has it all!

We have curated a list of four must-visit street food markets:


📏Distance: 2.79 miles 
⏰ Opening Hours: 12 pm to 12 am
🏫 Address: Hannie Dankbaarpassage 16, 1053 RT Amsterdam, Netherlands

Located near Vondelpark, Foodhallen is home to stylish food stalls serving a variety of treats.

You can find everything from the tastiest bitterballen to mezze, dim sum, tacos, pizza, kebabs, and more there.

The lively atmosphere, live local bands, and a central gin bar add to the overall experience.

Albert Cuyp Market:

📏Distance: 2.29 miles
⏰ Opening Hours: 9:30 am to 5 pm
🏫 Address: Albert Cuypstraat 203, 1073 BE Amsterdam, Netherlands

Albert Cuyp serves as the largest market in the Netherlands.

With 260 stands, it offers a diverse range of products, including classic Dutch street food.

You can find traditional pickled herring, deep-fried fish (kibbling), sweet stroopwafels, pillowy poffertjes, and Dutch grilled cheese sandwiches there.

It is open from Monday to Saturday from 9.30 am to 5 pm.

World of Food:

📏Distance: 4.41 miles
⏰ Opening Hours: 12 pm to 9 pm
🏫 Address: Develstein 100, 1102 AK Amsterdam, Netherlands

If you want to taste authentic international dishes, head southeast to the multicultural haven of the World of Food.

The place has 25 stalls serving everything from barbecued chicken fried rice (Suriname) to homemade falafel (Syria) and nutty satay (Indonesia).

This food hall caters to adventurous foodies searching for unique global flavors!

Market 33:

📏Distance: 1.98 miles
🏫 Address: Market 33, Claude Debussylaan 33, 1082 MC Amsterdam, Netherlands

Market 33 is a bustling indoor food hall located outside Amsterdam Zuid station.

It is open on weekdays and focuses on creating delicious dishes worldwide with fresh and sustainable ingredients.

Whether you crave gourmet pitas or Asian street food, it has something for everyone.

While closed on weekends, it’s a perfect spot for a relaxed weekday bite in a serene environment south of Amsterdam.

By reading our article, you can learn more about some famous and must-visit restaurants near the Upside Down Museum.

7. Visit the Charming Neighborhood of Jordaan 

📏Distance: 3.54 miles
☀️ Best time to visit: Evening Walk
🚆 How to get there: Line 52, Tram 13 or 17.
🏫 Address: Jordaan, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Jordaan is one of the most popular and charming neighborhoods in Amsterdam’s Greenwich Village.

It has leafy canals lined with 17th-century houses, high-end boutiques, beautiful streets, restaurants, and some of the most renowned artist studios.

The surrounding canals further enhance the streets’ extremely stylish and beautiful decoration.

It represents Dutch life and culture in the best possible way.

The renowned Anne Frank House, now a house museum where Anne Frank went into hiding during World War II, is also situated within this beautiful area.

You can enjoy the serenity of nature there and explore the variety of shopping options available.

By booking a walking tour of the World War II area, you can learn more about the life of Anne Frank and the Jewish Quarter.

8. Enjoy the Popular Heineken Experience

📏Distance: 1.92 miles
🚶‍♂️How to get there: Tram 4
☀️ Best time to visit: Late evening or night
🏫 Address: Heineken Experience, Stadhouderskade 78, 1072 AE Amsterdam, Netherlands

In 1867, something great happened for beer lovers!

Gerard Adriaan Heineken built a new brewery in the middle of Amsterdam.

Now, you can explore the amazing world of Heineken beer on a self-guided tour.

During the tour, you can learn about Heineken’s history, discover how they make beer, and gain insight into the brewing process.

You can customize your Heineken bottle or glass at the souvenir shop.

The best part? At the end of the tour, you get to raise your glass and enjoy a refreshing Heineken with your new friends! Cheers! 

The Heineken Experience is quite popular among visitors, and tickets may sell out quickly. 

So, if you want to enjoy the beer experience, consider booking the Heineken Experience tickets in advance!

9. Visit the World-known Anne Frank House Museum

📏Distance: 3.23 miles
🚶‍♂️How to get there: Tram 13 or 17
🏫 Address: Anne Frank House, Westermarkt 20, 1016 GV Amsterdam, Netherlands

The Anne Frank House, or Anne Frank Huis, is a museum dedicated to the Jewish wartime diarist Anne Frank.

The building is located on the Prinsengracht canal, close to the Westerkerk in central Amsterdam.

It is the same house used by Anne Frank to hide during the Second World War. You can see quotes, photos, and original items at the house. 

This museum was opened to the public in 1960 and has since attracted millions of visitors
The Anne Frank House can only be visited with a pre-booked online ticket for a specific date and time.

Book your Anne Frank House tour tickets now and visit this historic house!

10. See Rembrandts Amsterdam Experience

📏Distance: 2.36 miles
🚶‍♂️How to get there: 347, 357 and 397
🏫 Address: Rembrandts Amsterdam Experience, Weteringschans 2, 1017 SG Amsterdam, Netherlands

Rembrandt was one of the most famous painters in the world.

During Rembrandt’s Amsterdam Experience, you can step back in time to 1663 and visit his last studio.

With the use of video projections, scents, music, and 5D effects, you will be completely immersed in the Amsterdam of the 17th century.

Rembrandt and his family will take you on a fascinating journey through the painter’s life. This experience is available in English and in seven other languages.

It is one of the most amazing things to do near the Upside Down Museum. So, don’t miss out and book your tickets now!

Featured Image: Tripadvisor.in

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