STRAAT Museum: A Heaven for Street Art Lovers

If you love graffiti and unique street art, the STRAAT Museum Amsterdam is a must-visit.

It is a museum wholly dedicated to street art and graffiti painted on canvases displayed in a creative interior space.

STRAAT Museum Amsterdam is in a large former shipyard warehouse known as ‘Lasloods,’ providing 8000 square meters for unique art displays.

As you enter the museum, you will see a 240-meter mural of Anne Frank, created by a Brazilian street artist in 2016.

It hosts about 153 large-scale pieces of work by 14 upcoming artists or experts of 32 nationalities.

STRAAT Museum Amsterdam addresses an important question: Should street art be called street art if displayed inside?

Interestingly, to retain authenticity, each artist is individually invited to the museum to create their art on-site and share their perspective on other artworks.

The museum exhibits are laid out as if they are part of the city, where visitors can stroll around the streets and intersections while viewing the art.

STRAAT Museum Amsterdam Tickets

You can buy STRAAT Museum Amsterdam tickets online or at the booking counter. 

However, we recommend booking STRAAT Museum Amsterdam tickets online, as they are hassle-free, save you money, and are booked in advance.

But why stop at the STRAAT museum?  

With the help of a combination ticket, you can also visit other groundbreaking museums, like the Upside Down Museum.

STRAAT Museum is 22 kilometers away from Upside Down, which can be covered in 14 minutes.

With a combo ticket to Upside Down Museum and STRAAT Museum, you can visit two incredible attractions at discounted prices, plus it will save you time.

How to get to STRAAT Museum Amsterdam

STRAAT Museum is located on the NDSM wharf in Amsterdam, which can be easily reached by public transportation.

You can reach the Amsterdam STRAAT Museum in three ways: via ferry, car and bus services.

How to Reach STRAAT Museum By Ferry

The nearest ferry terminal to the STRAAT Museum is NDSM.

And if you take Ferry F6, you can also stop at the Distelweg Ferry Terminal to reach the museum.

How to Reach STRAAT Museum By Car

As STRAAT Museum Amsterdam is six kilometers from the city center, it will take 11 minutes via the IJ tunnel and Klaprozenweg/S 118 route.

How to Reach STRAAT Museum By Bus

The nearest bus station to the Amsterdam STRAAT Museum is Klaprozenweg.

You can take bus 391 to Zaandam Zaanse Schans or bus 394 to Zaandam Station. Get off at Klaprozenweg, within walking distance from the museum.

Best Time to Visit STRAAT Museum

The opening hours of the Amsterdam STRAAT Museum are from 12 pm to 6 pm on Monday.

The museum remains open from 10 am to 6 pm from Tuesday to Sunday.

Monday12 to 5 pm
Tuesday10 to 5 pm
Wednesday10 to 5 pm
Thursday 10 to 5 pm
Friday 10 to 5 pm
Saturday 10 to 5 pm
Sunday10 to 5 pm

The best time to visit the museum is early or late in the afternoon to avoid crowds.

As the timings of the STRAAT Museum Amsterdam are different on Monday, the best time to visit will be after 3 pm.

You can visit the museum at 10 am or after 3 pm from Tuesday to Sunday to enjoy a peaceful exploration.

Some Best Grafittis in STRAAT Museum

Visiting STRAAT is an amazing experience.

You’ll be walking through a huge warehouse filled with massive paintings, some of which are even on a van hanging from the ceiling!

There is also a piece that you can walk inside and a side room with an interactive piece that lets you control the colors on the walls.

The warehouse is so big that it can feel overwhelming, but there is a second-story panorama platform that you can walk up to and see the paintings from a different perspective.

This also helps you see the details of the paintings higher up on the walls.

There is also a cool little café in the museum, which is a great place to relax and enjoy some refreshments surrounded by art.

Blue-Tongued Lizard at STRAAT

The artist, Dvate, is Australian and often paints native Australian wildlife.

The painting is titled “Bluey,” and it is a beautiful portrait of the lizard. It is full of detail and it is clear that Dvate has a deep respect for these animals.

If you’re ever in Amsterdam, we encourage you to visit STRAAT to see “Bluey” for yourself. It’s a truly stunning piece of art.

Close to You in STRAAT

Another impressive piece of art at STRAAT is “Close to You” by Studio Giftig. This massive painting, standing 15 meters tall, depicts the Dutch singer Eva Simons.

The artwork’s size makes the people standing beside it appear tiny.

Writers of the Lost Art in STRAAT

“Writers of the Lost Art” is a tribute to Indiana Jones, painted by Danish artists Andreas Welin and Rasmus Balstrøm.

The artwork represents the artists navigating the challenging world of street art. The two character faces are particularly captivating, reflecting their determination to succeed.


Is Straat Museum worth it?

Yes, the Straat Museum is an interactive, educational, and fun way to learn about the different cultures and histories of the world. 

It has various exhibits and activities that will keep you engaged and entertained while allowing you to learn something new. 

Plus, it’s an affordable way to explore the world without leaving home!

How much is the Straat in Amsterdam?

The Straat in Amsterdam is a street that doesn’t have a specific price. 

You can walk or bike down it or take public transportation. 

It’s free to explore the Straat and experience the city of Amsterdam!

Featured Image: Straatmuseum.com

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