Straat Museum and Upside Down Museum Combo Ticket

Explore two major museums in Amsterdam in one go with this Straat Museum and Upside Down Museum ticket, which helps you see Dutch culture in a new light.

Straat Museum Amsterdam offers various styles, shapes, and techniques conveyed through today’s famous street art movement.

You get to admire art and graffiti on various canvases showcased in unique interiors inside the museum.

The Straat Museum showcases talents from various parts of the world, with 153 artworks by more than 140 artists.

The evolving art of the museum starts even before you enter inside, through the exteriors of the buildings.

You can explore a wide range of styles that have been confined together with the help of accompanying texts.

Buy Straat Museum and the Upside Down ticket online

With the Upside Down Museum combo, you also experience Europe’s most exciting and interactive space.

Visiting the museum, you see Dutch culture mixed with modern trends.

With this Upside Museum ticket, you can create exciting content and get Instagram-worthy pictures and videos with the help of interesting backdrops.

Get entry to 25+ rooms with different themes, several props, and a professional camera, all with Straat Museum and Upside Down discount tickets.

Besides saving yourself the hassle of booking two different tickets, you will save 10% of the ticket cost when you book this combo.

Straat Museum and Upside Down ticket price

Combo starts from: €40

Straat Museum and Upside Down Museum combo ticket include:

  • Entrance to the Straat Museum Amsterdam
  • Entry to all 25 rooms with the help of an Upside Down Museum combo ticket
  • Access to free lockers 
  • Personal QR code to get access to pictures clicked in the museum

Not Included:

  • No food or drinks are allowed inside the museum
  • Travel bags, umbrellas, and large items are prohibited inside the museum.

More Information:

  • The ground floor of the Straat Museum is uneven due to the industrial nature of the monument.
  • You can bring any equipment and everything you require to click Instagram-worthy pictures inside the Upside Down Museum.
  • Scan the ticket from your smartphone at the entrance of both museums.
  • Rescheduling the Upside Down Museum combo is impossible; the same policy applies to cancellations.
  • Rescheduling for the Straat Museum is possible until 23:59 hours the day before the visit.


What is the distance between STRAAT Museum Amsterdam and the Upside Down Museum?

The distance between the STRAAT Museum Amsterdam and Upside Down Museum is about 22 kilometers.

You can cover the distance by road in about 17 minutes, but the timing highly depends on the traffic.

Also, cover the distance between the attractions on a bicycle. It will take about 37 minutes, depending on the traffic conditions in the area.

What is unique about the STRAAT Museum?

The unique thing about the STRAAT Museum Amsterdam is that it features street art and graffiti by over 140 artists worldwide.

You get to see more than 153 artworks created on canvases or displayed in an innovative indoor space.

Visitors enjoy various styles aligned according to the theme, along with their accompanying texts.

What information do I need to know before entering the STRAAT Museum Amsterdam?

The museum is on the ground floor, which can be uneven due to the industrial nature of the building, but it is still accessible to wheelchair users.

Also, large luggage, umbrellas, or oversized items are prohibited inside the attraction.

Lockers are available for small items.

What are the opening hours for both attractions?

The opening hours for the Upside Down Museum are 10 am to 7 pm from Sunday to Thursday.

The museum’s hours vary from 10 am to 8 pm on weekends.

The STRAAT Museum hours from Wednesday to Sunday are 10 am to 6 pm and remain closed on Monday and Tuesday.

What is the price for the general entrance at the Upside Down and Straat museums?

The prices for general admission for adults at the Upside Down Museum are about €26. 

At the STRAAT Museum in Amsterdam, the prices for adults are about €19, while for youth visitors aged 13 to 17, the prices are about €10.

Kids under 12 have free access to STRAAT, while at the Upside Down Museum, the ticket prices are about €18.

Are both attractions kid friendly?

Yes, both attractions are kid friendly.

The Upside Down Museum is an Instagram museum with many rooms that could be fun for kids, like the amusement park room, ball pit, soccer room, and many more.

The STRAAT Museum Amsterdam has many paintings and unique art that could also entice kids.

Featured Image: Straatmuseum.com, Upsidedown.com

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