What to See Inside The Upside Down Museum

When it comes to museums in Amsterdam, the Upside Down Museum is a place that will blow your mind, keep you entertained, and leave you in awe.

Also known as the Instagram Museum, the museum is a selfie heaven for many.

It is the largest Instagram museum in Amsterdam, with 25 rooms of fun, creative, and trendy experiences that will give you Instagram-worthy memories.

From old to young, everyone will find inspiration when they step inside the Upside Down Museum, welcoming a new fantasy world.

It envisions telling you more about Dutch culture in a more improvised, modern, and fun way.

Inside the Upside Down Museum is a socially conscious enterprise that is a playground for kids and a reminder that the right to play is for everyone.

Things to do inside the Upside Down Museum

As you enter the area, you will instantly lose equilibrium in a rotating vortex.

After floating in the vortex, the next thing to experience will be the life-size and moving RGB (Red, Green, and Blue) projections.

To get the essence of the Upside Down, you can visit the Royal Room, where the ceilings become the floor and vice versa.

Moving forward, you experience life below water in the Infinity Room.

To have a party, head towards the club where clubbing is taken to a new level.

You can even find a Mondorian room to enjoy real art, colors, and Dutch designs.

The room includes minimalistic, experimental, and innovative art pieces from the museum.

Inside the Upside Down, museum visitors create content and participate in the installations to get the perfect picture.

Not only this, but Upside Down employees also help choose the perfect poses to create the whole Instagram picture.

You can click a selfie or smile at the museum camera and let the exquisite background do the magic for you.

The museum also has a large cafe that can be rented for events and holds many people.

Influencers and upcoming entrepreneurs can rent out the cafe, host product inaugurations, or attend parties.

With 25+ rooms, you can get all kinds of themes, allowing visitors to go wild with their creativity to create Instagrammable pictures.

What to Expect Inside the Upside Down Museum

Arriving 15 minutes before your reservation time will allow you to thoroughly enjoy the museum’s experience.

With more rooms, you may need time to spend in each one to click pictures, so coming in early will help you save time.

Outside food and drinks are strictly prohibited inside the Upside Down Museum. Read our article on Restaurants near the Upside Down Museum.

To get your Instagram pictures, you are free to bring all the equipment you may need to get your incredible shots.

You can even use the professional camera in the museum to get your perfect picture.

Tickets bought can be used by one person only and cannot be shared with anyone else.

Also, make sure to scan your smartphone tickets at the museum entrance.

Foreign tourists must show their passports, visas, and tickets at the entrance.

The security checks at the entrance will require ID proof for every individual at the time of their arrival.


Is the Upside Down Museum free?

You will have to purchase tickets to enter the museum.

Purchasing Uffizi tickets will help you book a time slot and schedule your visit. It will help you plan your trip to the museum better.

Also, the Upside Down Museum allows free entry only for kids under 3.

How many themed rooms does the Upside Down Museum have?

The Upside Down Museum has more than 25+ rooms inside.

Every room has a different theme, from a nightclub or soccer room to a room with a giant ball pit that visitors love to float around in.

It also has fun and aesthetic decorative items in every room for show and can be used as props for your pictures.

Does the Upside Down Museum have any artifacts?

The museum does not possess any sacred or precious artifacts with historical relevance.

Instead, it is an interactive museum with rooms and props that visitors can interact with or, in simpler words, play around and have an exhilarating experience.

Visitors can use the objects in the themed rooms while clicking pictures or shooting reels to add an extra element to their content.

What is inside the Royal Room?

The Royal Room has many pictures and paintings of Dutch contemporaries who were unique heroes.

Visitors are encouraged to forget their ordinary lives and feel like monarchs when they enter the Royal Room.

This room is also exclusive, as the museum strongly believes that the content is the new king and the creators are the new royals.

Which room can you enjoy Dutch art designs in?

The Dutch design room lets you enjoy the country’s unique art and designs.

The rooms’ designs are categorized as minimalist, experimental, innovative, and, last but not least, quirky.

Although the design of the Dutch rooms represents a culture, it also gives the museum a special humor touch to enhance its creativity and atmosphere.

Can I get a souvenir photo in the Upside-Down Museum?

Visitors can use a professional digital camera inside the Upside Down Museum to click pictures.

After clicking the pictures from the camera, you can quickly get their digital prints by simply going to their website and entering your ticket number.

Thus, remember that your tickets to the Upside-Down Museum are personal.

What is the Mondriaan Room?

The Mondrian Room was designed by the famous artist Peit Mondoriaan, who is also considered a pioneer of modern art.

You will find colorful squares and lines that are unique and eye-catching due to their asymmetrical shapes.

Colorful boxes on which you can stand, sit and pose with an exceptional background create a lovely illusion with the help of the blinking lights.

Featured Image: Upsidedown.com

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