8 Fun Facts About Upside Down Museum Amsterdam

Did you know a well-known Dutch influencer created the Upside Down Museum in Amsterdam?

You can click pictures, play with the props, dance in the nightclub, and enjoy many more things simultaneously.

If you want to know what else you can do here, this article is for you.

Below are some unique facts about Upside Down, Amsterdam.

It is the Largest Instagram Museum in Europe:

It is the largest Instagram museum in Europe
Image: Bbc.com

The Upside Down, Amsterdam, is Europe’s biggest interactive Instagram museum.

It is part amusement park and part nightclub, and it is a crazy trip to a whole new dimension.

You can even bathe in a large pool with over 81,286 transparent balls and change it to any color you want.

Explore all 25 interactive rooms and use the creative backdrops to share your experience on social media platforms.

An Influencer Created It:

The Upside Down Museum in Amsterdam was founded by influencer Anna Nooshin.

It is one of the three Instagram museums in the world, alongside WONDR and Youseum.

The Dutch social media influencer started the museum in the year 2020, and it provides you with all the tools essential for creating content.

It compels its visitors to think outside the box by giving them a safe place to upgrade their creativity.

It has More than 25 Rooms:

Another interesting fact about the Upside Down Museum Amsterdam is that it has about 25 rooms with different themes and backdrops in just one place.

The museum is about 1500 meters long, with rooms packed with pure fun, magic, and tons of Instagram-worthy memories.

It includes the Royal Room, the Dutch Design Rooms, the Modoriaan Room, the Pool, the Infinity Room, the Soccer Room, the Club, and many more.

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Every Room Has Different Themes:

One of the fun facts about the Upside Down Museum is that every room in the attraction has a different theme for visitors.

The dizzy room is where you will feel like the room is spinning from the moment you enter, and you will need to cross a bridge to reach the door.

Another museum specialty is the upside-down room, where everything is the other way around.

Everything is on the opposite side, from chairs and tables to even the ceiling.

The room is filled with funny portraits to enhance its wittiness.

Many rooms have unique interactive and creative props, such as a ball pit, trampoline, swing, circus area, and candy machine.

You will also find a vast magnum of pink ice cream, which, unfortunately, you cannot eat but can sit on and take many pictures of.

The Artifacts in the Museum are Free to Touch:

The artifacts in the museum are free to touch
Image: Go-kids.nl

The props kept in the backdrop are accessible to visitors free of charge.

Unlike other museums where the pieces are not for touching, the Upside Down Museum encourages visitors to play with the props in the rooms.

You can freely touch, move, or even use these props for your pictures or TikTok and let your imagination flow to create excellent content.

The Museum Also Features a Nightclub:

The museum also features a nightclub
Image: Triphock.com

Upside Down Amsterdam is all in one. It has a soccer room and a functioning nightclub in one place.

The club room is a party room where you can dance with your friends and is quite similar to an actual nightclub.

Hence, visitors can only experience the fun of a real-life nightclub in broad daylight at the Upside Down Museum. 

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Upside Down is Kid-friendly

This unique museum is kid-friendly with its interactive backdrops and playful atmosphere.

However, it offers selected time slots, especially for kids aged 3 to 11.

The timing ranges from

Wednesday: 12 pm to 7 pm

Saturday and Sunday: 10 am to 2 pm

Kids under three years old go in free of charge.

An adult must accompany kids under 12, or a group of children should have an adult during the tour.

The Museum Supports Several Foundations:

The Upside Down Amsterdam is not just a socially conscious enterprise but much more than that.

It is a playground with a reminder that the “Right to Play” is a right for everyone, and we should not forget about the underprivileged kids.

This museum actively supports Stichting Het Vergeten Kind, a nonprofit organization that helps kids with unstable and unsafe home situations.

The perfect example is the teddy bear room, created collaboratively with a foundation.

It is open to all the children who may be unable to visit the museum due to their financial situation.


Who created the Upside Down Amsterdam Museum?

Anna Nooshin, a famous Dutch social media influencer, co-founded Upside Down Amsterdam.

The museum screams creativity! You can create the perfect selfie for your social media accounts here.

The Upside Down is a great initiative that honors the New Dutch.

What theme does the Upside Down Museum follow?

Every room in the museum has a different theme.

From a room with a giant ball pit to an actual Upside Down room, the museum has 25+ areas with various themes and props that visitors can have fun with.

It also has rooms that honor Dutch culture, such as the Mondrian room, which enjoys modern art and colors, and the Dutch Design room.

What is so unique about the Upside Down Museum?

It is the largest interactive social media museum that encourages visitors to play around the rooms to create exciting content.

It is like a museum, amusement park, and nightclub, all thrown together to create a unique and fun space for visitors to help them with their creativity.

All in all, it is the ultimate Dutch experience for its visitors.

Is the Upside Down Museum kid-friendly?

Yes, the Upside Down Amsterdam Museum is kid-friendly.

It has many fun props and rooms, especially the giant Magnum ice cream inside the museum. It also offers special prices for kids.

The entrance fee rate for kids from 3 to 11 years of age starts at €18 and is free for kids below three years.

What motto does the Upside Down Museum follow?

The museum follows the motto of reminding people that the ‘right to play’ is for everyone, regardless of age, gender, or economic status.

It also supports the campaign Stichting Het Vergeten Kind (Forgotten Children) and has opened up its venue for all children, irrespective of their financial status.

Upside Down Museum facts are that it is a socially conscious enterprise that promotes fun and creativity for everyone.

Can I use the artifacts in the rooms for my Instagram pictures?

Yes, you can. Unlike any other museum, visitors can touch, play with, and even use the artifacts as props for their pictures and videos.

The Upside Down, Amsterdam, houses no precious or historically significant artifacts. It has fun and exciting decorations that adorn the beautiful themed rooms.

Featured Image: Upsidedown.com

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