An easy guide to the MOCO Museum Amsterdam

Moco Museum Amsterdam is a spectacular place if you love the artworks by Banksy and want to experience them in person.

The Moco Museum in Amsterdam also features classics from Jean-Michel Basquiat, Icy & Sot, JR, KAWS, Keith Haring, and many more.

The main motto of the museum is to feature enlightening and inspiring modern and contemporary art. Thus, the name ‘MOCO.’

It resides in Villa Alsberg, a townhouse overlooking Museumplein just outside the city center, between the famous Rijksmuseum and Van Gogh Museum.

The museum was also one of the first family homes built alongside Museumplein, which retained its function until 1939.

Moco Museum Amsterdam now focuses more on displaying proven artists, or the rock stars of the art world, through various art movements.

At the museum, you will explore the classic works of Banksy, the iconic street artist, and enjoy more classics from his career.

These art forms include popular pieces like “Girl with a Balloon,” “Laugh Now,” “Keep It Real,” and “Beanfield Painting.”

Moco Museum Tickets

You can purchase Moco Amsterdam tickets in two ways, either online or by standing in long lines at the booking center.

Online Moco Museum tickets are far better, as they not only save you time, but you might also get convenient discounts.

But what could be better than visiting two museums instead of one with one ticket at an affordable price with all the necessary facilities included?

Upside Down Amsterdam is the nearest museum, just 3 kilometers away, and you can cover it in 12 minutes via car.

Buy a combo ticket for the Moco Museum and Upside Down Museum and enjoy both attractions.

Upside Down and Moco Museum tickets

Get a combo ticket for both attractions just 9 minutes apart and enjoy a discount of up to 10%.

This ticket will allow you to explore both museums at your own pace.

Moco Museum hours

The Moco Museum, Amsterdam, is open throughout the week so you can visit the attraction any day.

However, the times differ from Monday to Thursday. The museum is open from 9 am to 7 pm.

Moco Museum opening hours are from 9 am to 9 pm on weekends, from Friday to Sunday.

The best time to visit will be during the weekdays to avoid crowds.

But remember to visit it early, possibly before 11 am, as the museums get crowded afterward.

How to get to the Moco Museum

There are three ways by which you can reach Moco Museum Amsterdam:

By Car

Traveling by car is efficient, as the museum has car parking near it, just a minute away from the attraction.

By Bus

Museumplein is the nearest bus stop to the Moco Museum Amsterdam.

After getting off at the stop, you must walk six minutes to reach your destination.

By Tram

The museum is near Rijksmuseum so you can take tram routes 2 to 12 from Amsterdam Central.


Is the Moco Museum free on Sundays?

It’s totally free to visit on the first Sunday of each month all day and on Sundays after 3 pm, plus Thursdays after 6 pm. 

So, take your friends and check it out!

Do I need to buy tickets in advance for the Moco Museum?

To visit the Moco Museum, you need to get a ticket before you go and plan when you want to go. 

To keep everyone safe, the Moco Museum has made a path you can only walk one way on.

Is Moco Museum Amsterdam worth it?

It’s definitely worth a visit! The Moco Museum is a great place to check out modern artwork. 

It doesn’t matter if you don’t know much about art or are not interested in it. The museum makes art easy to understand and fun to explore! 

What does Moco stand for Moco Museum?

MoCo stands for Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, showcasing many unique works of art from some of the world’s most renowned artists. 

For instance, you can find pieces by Banksy and Warhol at this museum. 

If you’re an art-lover, you should check out Moco Museum – it will be a great experience!

How long do you spend in the Moco Museum?

If you’re visiting the Moco Museum, it’ll take about 20 minutes to get there by car from the airport. 

Most people spend around 3 hours at the museum, so you should plan to be there for a while to get the whole experience.

Can you buy Moco Museum tickets at the door?

You can purchase your entry tickets to the Moco Museum at the venue or online.
If you choose to get them on-site, you may have to wait in the ticket counter line for up to 15 minutes or more, depending on the time of the day (and month).

What is the closest metro to Moco Museum?

The closest metro station is on the yellow line, L4 Jaume I. 

If you’re taking the bus, you can get off at the Pla del Palau stop, just a few steps from the museum.

Featured Image: Mocomuseum.com

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