Amaze Amsterdam- A New Immersive Experience

Amaze Amsterdam is an immersive museum created by the world’s most prominent dance event organizer, ID&T.

This fantastic museum guides visitors from the head to the heart, exploring different sections of exciting audio-visual technology.

The visitors experience seven worlds filled with state-of-the-art audio-visual technology that often leaves them in awe.

A network of storytellers is just an offer, but the show is filled with much more entertaining things like lasers, lights, 11D sounds, and interactive effects.

What is Amaze Amsterdam

AMAZE Experience Amsterdam has the potential of 30 years in a new and exciting way of stepping into a new dimension of entertainment.

Visitors will be amazed by the labyrinth of visual treats at AMAZE Amsterdam, which is spread across 3000 square meters in Amsterdam.

Get your curiosity fulfilled with cutting-edge technologies from experts in the music and art industries.

Amaze Amsterdam tickets

Take your experience to the next level and pre-book your AMAZE Amsterdam ticket.

These tickets will give you an immersive and multi-sensory experience that will stimulate your mind and reconnect you to your inner self. 

With seven interactive rooms full of lights, lasers, sound, smoke, visuals, new media art and other special effects, you can interact with your surroundings and explore a range of emotions. 

You can even enhance your experience with a cocktail of your choice.

How to get to Amaze Amsterdam

You can reach this exciting museum in three ways: by car, train and bus.

By Metro

The nearest metro station to the museum is the Isolatorweg station; from there, it is a quick 3-minute walk to the destination.

For Metros, routes 50 and 51 will take you toward Amae Amsterdam.

By Train

Take the Sprinter train from the Amsterdam Central Station and reach the Amsterdam Sloterdijk station.

From there, walk towards Sloterdijk for 2 minutes, then take a train to the Isolatorweg station.

Amaze Amsterdam is just 2 minutes away from the station.

By Bus

To reach the museum, you must take Bus No. 36 or 22 from the city center to the nearest bus station, Kabelweg.

The stop is just a 5-minute walk from the location.

Note: If you plan to explore the Upside Down Museum after visiting Amaze, read our article on how to get there.

Upside Down and Amaze Amsterdam Distance

The distance between Upside Down Museum Amsterdam and Amaze Amsterdam is 11.7 km along A10. The approximate driving time is 13 minutes.

Amaze Amsterdam Opening hours

The entire museum exploration takes about one and a half hours.

Amaze Amsterdam’s opening hours differ every day depending on the working days.

Wednesday1 pm to 11.30 pm
Thursday 1 pm to 11.30 pm
Friday 1 pm to midnight
Saturday12 pm to midnight
Sunday 12 pm to 9 pm

Note: Amaze Amsterdam is open five days a week and is closed on Monday and Tuesday.

Plan your Visit to Amaze Amsterdam for an Immense Experience

There might be smoke throughout your experience at the attraction, so be ready to face some discomfort.

Visitors who need help exploring the museum independently can bring one companion for free.

Unfortunately, the museum is not pet friendly, so entry of pets is prohibited.

Visitors are not permitted to bring in professional cameras inside the museum.

Amaze Amsterdam does not offer storage facilities for large bags and luggage items.

All tourists from different nationalities visiting the museum must show their passports and visas at the entrance.

Meanwhile, for security purposes, everyone’s ID proof is mandatory at the time of arrival.

The museum is unsuitable for visually impaired visitors and people diagnosed with epilepsy.

They are strict with timing, so arrive 30 minutes before the scheduled time, as latecomers usually need to be more entertained.

Amaze is suitable for kids above ten years of age.


How do I buy my ticket to Amaze Amsterdam?

Tickets for Amaze Amsterdam are available online.

For visitors’ experience, only a limited number of seats are allotted for every time slot, so make sure to book your tickets in advance for this immersive Museum.

Also, for safety and security purposes, the museum allows only a specific number of people at the venue.

When does Amaze Amsterdam open for tourists?

The opening timings for Amaze Amsterdam vary every day, and the museum remains closed on Monday and Tuesday.

The timings are from 1 pm to 11.30 pm on Wednesday and Thursday and extend on Friday as it stays open till midnight.

On Saturday, the Museum opens from 12 pm to 12 am and Sunday from 12 pm to 9 pm.

How long does Amaze Amsterdam take?

Amaze Amsterdam is about 3000 square meters, so you will need an hour to experience the audio-visual walk.

As you step inside with seven different stages, the immersive museum will take you on a journey from head to heart.

Going through all these stages may also take more than an hour, depending entirely on the visitor’s experience.

Is Amaze Amsterdam suitable for children?

The Museum strongly advises that children above ten can attend Amaze Amsterdam. 

It uses intense light and laser effects, loud audio, and explicit songs and images that might not be appropriate for kids.

As a rule, adults must always accompany children while visiting Amaze Amsterdam.

Will I be given an entry if I am late for my visit to Amaze Amsterdam?

Yes, if you are late for your time slot, the museum can adjust you to another space in approximately an hour.

But if you are late and Amaze Amsterdam is fully booked, the Museum cannot provide you a slot or refund for your ticket.

Can I click pictures inside Amaze Amsterdam?

Yes, taking pictures and videos with your mobile phones is permitted inside the Amaze Amsterdam museum.

However, carrying professional camera equipment or filming inside the Museum is prohibited.

As this may disturb the other visitors, professional photography or bringing any photo gear inside Amaze Amsterdam is not allowed.

Can people with disabilities visit Amaze Amsterdam?

Amaze Amsterdam is suitable for wheelchair users but not for people with epilepsy.

It contains strong lights, laser effects, smoke, loud sounds and vivid video images that might harm people with epilepsy.

For wheelchair users, the Museum offers several elevations, and caregivers can come free of charge with the visitor.

Do you need to pre-book Amaze Amsterdam?

Pre-booking is absolutely essential for Amaze Amsterdam. 

We strongly advise making your reservation to guarantee availability and prevent disappointment.

Reserve your entrance pass in advance and enter the immersive, multisensory experience that is AMAZE. 

Explore 7 rooms with interactive light, music, smoke, new media art, visuals, and special effects to keep your mind active. 

Drink a cocktail of your choice to enhance the experience.

Featured Image: Amaze-amsterdam.nl

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