Upside Down Museum Tickets

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live in a world where the impossible becomes possible? 

Nestled in the heart of Amsterdam, The Upside Down Amsterdam Museum will transport you to a place beyond your wildest imagination.

With around 1,40,000 visitors annually, this is one of Europe’s most fascinating and largest “Instagram museums.”

It is where you can see 25 rooms with pure fun, magic, and social media-worthy memories. 

Get a kick for your imaginary senses with this mind-blowing museum and explore the boundaries of creativity at the same time.

This article will explain everything you should know before buying tickets for The Upside Down in Amsterdam.


Sun to Thr: 9.30 am to 7 pm
Fri and Sat: 9.30 am to 8 pm

Time needed: 1-2 hours

Best time: At 9.30 am

Ticket cost: €26


The Upside Down is opposite RAI Amsterdam, the largest convention center in the Netherlands and is close to the city’s center.

Address: Europaboulevard 5, 1079 PC Amsterdam, Netherlands

What to Expect at The Upside Down Amsterdam

What to Expect at The Upside Down Amsterdam
Image: Mypenang.gov.my

A world unlike any other awaits you when you enter “The Upside Down, Amsterdam.” 

You can enjoy access to all the exciting rooms in different, fun versions!

One of the unique features of The Upside Down Amsterdam is how gravity works inside. 

With a flick of a switch, you can defy gravity and walk on walls and ceilings as if they were the floor.

The Upside Down Amsterdam is not just a place for those seeking adventure. It is also a hub for artists, musicians, and performers.

Whether you’re looking for adventure, art, or a place to escape reality, this alternate world is the perfect destination. 

So why wait? Buy an Upside Down Museum ticket online and enter a world beyond your wildest imagination! 

All You Need to Know about The Upside Down Museum Tickets 

This attraction offers a journey through a fantastical world filled with strange sights, unusual sounds, and surprises.

But one can only enter and play inside the Upside Down museum with an entrance ticket.

So, grab Upside Down Museum tickets at a discount and experience the unique mix of a museum, an amusement park, and picture-perfect backdrops.

Where to Buy Upside Down Museum Tickets 

Where to buy Upside Down Museum tickets
Image: Kstudio (Canva), GetYourGuide.com

You can only buy tickets online to visit the Upside Down Museum Amsterdam.

Booking an Upside Down Museum discount ticket will instantly confirm your visit to one of Europe’s most prominent Instagram museums.

If you buy the Upside Down Museum tickets online, you can choose your preferred time from different slots and dates to experience it.

With them, you can enjoy the extraordinary combination of a nightclub and an amusement park with various backdrops.

The Upside Down tickets get you to strike funny, crazy, and creative poses in front of the professional digital camera installed inside the museum.

Inside tip: You can use the camera provided to capture the weirdest moments and download all the photos for free from their official website by only entering your ticket number.

Don’t worry. You will have tons of pictures to keep your Instagram followers updated.

Types of Upside Down Museum Tickets

There are different types of Upside Down Amsterdam Museum tickets. This article will help you choose the one that suits you best.

The Upside Down Museum Entrance Ticket

The Upside Down Amsterdam is the largest interactive museum where you can learn about the Netherlands’ art and culture, with 25 impressive rooms.

All the rooms feature exciting designs and mind-tricking optical illusions that enhance the visitors’ experience.

Along with your friends, you can create unique Instagram content and dance to the rhythm of the disco beat in an upside-down club.

After all this, you can relax in an Instagrammable upside-down cafe and sip on famous freak shakes.

Upside Down Museum Ticket Price: €26

Upside Down Museum Combo Tickets

Yes, Upside Down also offers tickets to upgrade your time in Amsterdam, which are worth buying.

By purchasing Upside Down combo tickets, you can comfortably explore two attractions in one day.

We recommend you combine your Upside Down Amsterdam trip with attractions like Moco Museum, Our House, and STRAAT Museum and enjoy great discounts.

The Upside Down and Our House Amsterdam Tickets

It is a fantastic combination that lets you explore two of the best places in Amsterdam.

This Upside Down Museum ticket combo is a great way to enhance your trip while making it affordable.

It includes a trip to the Upside Down Museum and Our House in Amsterdam.

The distance between Upside Down Museum and Our House is 9 km, and you can reach them in just 15 minutes by car.

Individually, entry to the attractions costs €26 and €27, respectively. However, you save a little over €6 per person when you purchase this combo ticket.

Price of combo ticket: €48

The Upside Down and Moco Museum Amsterdam Tickets

Visitors keen on visiting museums to study and learn more about the art and culture of the Netherlands will definitely find this tour fascinating.

A combined tour of two museums that reflect and symbolize the artistic gems of the country is an excellent start to your time in Amsterdam.

After Upside Down, you need to travel just 3 km and reach Moco Museum in 9 minutes by car.

In this, you will see the original artwork by Banksy and other post-modern jewelers keen on inspiring this generation.

Price of combo ticket: €45

Keukenhof Gardens to Upside Down Museum Tour

On this tour, you can comfortably travel through the vibrant flower fields on a bus to reach the Keukenhof Gardens

These are the world’s most famous spring gardens.

You can reach the gardens within an hour, directly from central Amsterdam.

On the bus, you can enjoy a video on the Dutch relationship with flowers while skipping the lines to explore the gardens at your own pace.

Then, stop by the unique Instagrammable Upside Down Museum in Amsterdam while traveling on this bus.

The bus expert guide can answer all your questions about the two locations.

After you tour both attractions, the bus will drop you back in central Amsterdam.

Tour Price

Adult ticket (12 to 90 years): €42
Child ticket (3 to 11 years): €42
Infant ticket (upto 2 years): Free entry

The Upside Down and Straat Museum

Get wild with your imagination with the help of 25 rooms of illusions and crazy props with different themes.

The Upside Down Museum is the only place with an amusement park, nightclub, and game room with a touch of contemporary Dutch art.

Inside the Upside Down, you get to experiment with different camera angles, props, and backgrounds to get the perfect Instagram picture.

The Straat Museum, on the other hand, promotes various styles, shapes, techniques, and messages in the famous street art style.

You will spot art from international artists displayed with innovative use of indoor space. 

Immerse yourself in this artsy experience with the combination ticket.

Individually, entry to the attractions costs €26 and €19, respectively. However, you only pay €40, saving 10% on each ticket when you buy this combo.

Price of combo ticket: €40

Why are Upside Down Museum Online Tickets Better?

Booking your Upside Down Museum tickets online will save you the hassle of purchasing them at the ticket center.

The pre-booked tickets will let you enter quickly and save time for exploring the museum at your own pace.

Visit the museum in peace and enjoy the brain teasers, various light tricks, and rooms with different backdrops that call for creative poses by the clock.

You can secure your preferred date and plan your trip effortlessly by booking online tickets.

But make sure to book the Upside Down Museum tickets as soon as the slots are scheduled for the famous Instagram museum.


How much is the entrance fee in Upside Down Museum?

It’ll cost you €26 to get into the Upside Down Museum and explore Dutch art and culture with cool decorations and tricks with light that will make it a blast to be in.

Is the Upside Down Museum free?

Kids aged up to 2 can get into the place for free. If you have a CJP Pass card, you can get a 15% discount, and with an Amsterdam City Card, you can get a 25% discount.

The CJP Pass is a special pass for Dutch people between 15 and 30. It gives you discounts on tickets for many different things. 

So if you’re 15 or older, it’s a great way to save money while enjoying culture!

Do you need to book The Upside Down Museum tickets in advance?

To visit the museum, you must pre-book the admission ticket online.

Booking your tickets in advance allows you to select your time slots according to your preferences.

After booking the e-tickets, you will receive immediate confirmation about your trip schedule and time slots.

Is there another way to book tickets for The Upside Down Museum?

No, the tickets for The Upside Down Museum are available online.

You can only book The Upside Down Amsterdam tickets online to save time and easily reserve your preferred time and slot.

How can I cancel the Upside Down Museum ticket?

You can cancel your Upside Down Museum tickets and reschedule them within 24 hours of your booking time.

However, tickets booked through the official site cannot be refunded or canceled.

As the museum is newly opened, it does not provide cancellation facilities.

So, book your tickets after proper planning and checking your available dates and times.

Are there any special kids’ prices?

The Upside Down Museum supports a noble cause and offers leverage for kids who cannot afford it and will not be able to enjoy the museum from the inside.

The special discounted price for the Upside Down Ticket comes to €16.

The timings for the special kid prices are:

Wednesday: 12 pm to 7 pm
Saturday and Sunday: 10 am to 2 pm

Is the Upside Down Museum wheelchair accessible?

Yes, the museum is wheelchair-friendly.

The Upside Down Museum is open to people with disabilities. However, you must contact them beforehand so the staff can prepare accordingly. 

This will ensure a smooth visit without any inconvenience for you. You can email them any such crucial details.

What should I do if I’m late for my Upside Down ticket entry time?

If you are late for your entry to Upside Down, there is no guarantee you can enter outside your designated time slot.

Hence, we advise you to reach the attraction within 15 minutes of your entry time.

Are there any special exhibits or interactive experiences that require separate tickets?

Special exhibits or interactive experiences may occasionally require an additional ticket or reservation.

Check the museum’s official announcements or contact them for details on any special offerings during your visit.

Is there a time limit for my visit to the Upside Down Museum?

Yes, visits are usually timed to manage the flow of visitors and ensure everyone enjoys their experience without overcrowding.

The average visit time suggested is an hour.

Featured Image: Upsidedown.com

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